Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shea moisture baby products

Shea moisture is an amazing product all in all. Prior to getting pregnant, I've always used their raw shea, chamomile and argan oil baby lotion because I was obsessed with the scent. When my child was born, I started off using Aveeno and California baby products because I received them at my baby shower. Though I love both brands, the smell of Shea moisture products is to die for...especially the Frankincense and Myrrh!!!
All you need is a couple of pumps and it goes a long way. The product itself can be a bit pricey but it definitely goes a long way so you are not losing out.
I currently use both Shea moisture and California baby to bathe my son. The scent of Shea moisture lasts longer and it's more soothing but the only negative thing about my experience is its definitely not tear free. When the soap suds get in my son's eyes, it is quite harsh as opposed to any other baby bath products so I refrain from using Shea moisture as a shampoo and face wash but rather just the body. Overall I'm in love with it and will continue to use their products.

Experience : 4 out of 5
Cost: 3 out of 5

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ferber method aka "the cry it out method"

Torture! Blood hurdling screams and cry for two weeks was well worth it. For those of you who aren't aware of the Ferber method, basically it's a "cry it out" technique to get your baby to sleep on his own every night instead of getting him used to the countless hours of rocking, bottle feedings and lullabies. It's a proven method that's been working for years and a few days of the baby's misery will only benefit him in the long run. To explain how the training works, you basically leave your child on their crib when they're apparently tired and when they cry allow them so and come back to the room in predetermined time and extend the gap each time you return while comforting them (patting their backs, telling them they're ok etc...)My son, six months young, has always been an amazing sleeper (knock on wood). Ever since he was a month old he's been sleeping around 10 hours straight. I'm totally blessed in that department. But as you moms know, as your baby grows, their sleep pattern changes dramatically over time. Though he would sleep a great amount of time, mommy has to wait for the baby before she can sleep. Don't get me wrong, I'm not selfish for trying to train my son to sleep at a certain time rather than waiting till 4 AM for him to fall asleep
Every baby will be different but I finally found a routine that works well for us. We don't let our son nap past 6 PM. Around 6:30 PM is when I feed him baby puree followed by a bottle of milk with a little bit of plain kefir in it. Around 8pm he gets tired but we don't let him sleep because if we do he will wake up around midnight and stay up for a while. I then play with him in is room and let him roll around the floor and play with his toys. Around 9:30 pm I give him a nice soothing bath. After his bath I feed him a couple of ounces of milk and he knocks out for the rest of the night and won't wake up till around 9:30-10 AM. Amazing right?! Well it took us a while to get him used to that routine but were enjoying it for now. We stuck with the same routine for less than two weeks and we finally had great improvements. He doesn't always sleep after giving him a bath and feeding him and that's when the cry it out method has to take effect but the beauty about this whole thing is he sleeps after crying for a minute. Which is nothing!! He knows mommy and daddy is still around even when he can't see us and he's been sleeping peacefully. I highly recommend the Ferber method and no you won't damage your child's Psyche. Sleeping is the first thing you will ever teach your child how to do. You have to teach your child to self sooth themselves and learn to be a little bit independent. You are not neglecting your child while doing this technique. There are only benefits to this method and not risks. Kai has been sleeping soundly ever since.

Happy Family Brands

Love them! I could go on and on about the good stuff it has. Not only is their stuff USDA Organic, but it also a tasty, healthy snack my son loves. I trust this brand as well as Plum Organics and Earth's best. High servings of Choline for eye and brain development is a plus. They don't use any superficial colorings and flavorings which is super bad for anyone not just babies. I don't use their baby food pouches because I prefer making my own baby food. I don't trust any packaged meals even if this brand claims to "naturally preserve" their baby food. Whatever that means... I'd rather get fresh organic fruits and veggies from Wholefoods and spend 30 minutes once a week and make a bunch of baby food supply. Fresh and you know exactly what goes I'm them. No chemicals and crap. Anyway I trust those brands mentioned above for my son's snacks. Don't get Gerber. Gerber is crap. Everything they sell is cheap and crap. Pay a little bit more for better quality stuff.

Experience: 5 out of 5
Cost: 5 out of 5
Quality: 4 out of 5

Baby Jogger - City Mini 2012

This is my very recent purchase and I am IN LOVE! I originally bought Graco travel system prior to the birth of my son thinking that it was the best bundle deal for both the car seat and the stroller. The car seat was alright but the stroller was a pain in my a$$! lol Being a new mom, I didn't know the importance of getting a great lightweight yet sturdy stroller. I'm a mom always on the go and I could not stress on the fact that its such a pain taking a heavy stroller in and out of your trunk. This awesome stroller can be collapsed using one hand and holding the baby on the other. Not only that, it takes up less than a third of my trunk space!!! AMAZING!! The City Mini is very easy to maneuver and feels amazingly light. I'm so glad the Babies R Us rep convinced us of buying this stroller. For those mamas who likes to be trendy, celebrity fans include Selma Blair, Elizabeth Banks, Sex and the city's Cynthia Nixon, Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Miranda Kerr, Mathew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Tori Spelling and many more. Here's the best part...IT'S JUST under $300 dollars!!! What a steal! For those who have a smaller budget, Britax B-agile did their own version of a one hand fold stroller for about $60-80 less. Anyways, overall I am very much satisfied with my stroller and I'm glad I made the switch. The only negative thing I would have to say is that all the other accessories are sold separately like car seat adaptors, belly bar, console etc.. would run you another few hundred dollars but i think the price is well worth it.

Experience: 5 out of 5
Cost: 5 out of 5
Appearance: 4 out of 5

California baby calming shampoo and body wash

I LOVE California baby products! My son does not have sensitive skin whatsoever but I love using this product for bath time. It's smooth and gentle to the skin and the light lavender scent is quite pleasant. The brand itself is a bit pricey but I absolutely think it's worth it. I love that some ingredients in it is organic and has no harsh sulfates. Overall I am satisfied and will continue using this product for my six month old.

Experience: 5 out of 5
Cost: 3 out of 5
Recommendation : yes